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IBI Yachts, through years of permanence and strengthening in the market, has managed to consolidate itself as the exclusive distributor of several prestigious brands, among which it is the oldest Azimut dealer in the world and is the only company in the Caribbean with a wide range of sales. of new and used yachts ​​of the main brands in the nautical market.

The range offered by IBI Yachts is distinguished by its diversity of sizes and styles, but with a common starting point, the unmistakable Made in Italy.

Among these are luxury yachts, central console, offshore, sailboats, inflatables, among others.

The company is not only interested in selling a product, but also in meeting all the expectations of the owner from the signing of the yacht construction order to its formal delivery at the established destination.


The credit that IBI Yachts has obtained over the years is thanks to its special interest in maintaining a long-term relationship with its clients, suppliers, etc.


New Build

Below are the prestigious brands represented by us:

Mega Yachts

Captura de pantalla 2024-05-15 a la(s) 12.08.17 p. m..png
Baglietto Dom 133.jpg


Azimut Seadeck 6.jpg
Arcadia A96.jpg
Tuxedo 1.jpg
Pirelli Sppedboats 42.png
88efd540-4a33-11ed-af64-e373ccc67f4a-Mylius - Grillo parlante (1).jpg
Bluegame BGM75.jpg

Preferred Broker

Solaris Powe 44.png


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